Clark County Detention Center Inmate Search

Clark County Detention Center

330 South Casino Center Boulevard • Las Vegas, NV 89101


The Clark County Detention Center is a facility located in central Las Vegas and houses misdemeanor and felony offenders arrested in unincorporated Clark County.

Originally, the jail was designed to hold 2800 inmates, but the number of people arrested are rising so the jail is overcrowded. The facility now holds approximately 3800 inmates.

When searching for loved ones who have been arrested in Las Vegas, one will first contact the Clark County Detention Center. The most popular inmate search is online and information can be found accordingly. If you need help, you can also utilize a Las Vegas bail bonds company to assist you with inmate information.

Information about Inmate Search

There are two ways to find information on a person in custody:

1)    Online Search – Inmate Information Search
2)    Call Information Line (702) 671-3900

Here are some points to remember:

•    Inmate information will not be given out by email.
•    Inmates under the age of 18 years of age will not be displayed.
•    Inmates under protective custody will not be displayed.
•    For the most current information, call (702) 671-3900.

When on the Clark County Detention Center online inmate locator:

• If the information you are looking for is not posted on that website, you can call the information line.
• Clark County Detention Center, Clark County or its courts shall not be liable for any discrepancies that may occur. In-Custody information is subject to change.

Here are the steps to take when searching for an inmate online:

• Enter at least 2 letters of the inmate’s last name, inmate’s ID, or Justice Court Case Number. For last name search, we recommend you provide more than two letters to narrow the search. Click the Submit button to initiate the search.
• Once you find the name, you may click Find w/ID or Find w/Case No to find the inmate’s in-custody status.

If you fail to find the person you are looking for, call A Royal Flush Bail Bonds at 702-478-1500 and we will search for them in nearby jails, including the Las Vegas City Detention Center, the Henderson Detention Center, and the North Las Vegas Detention Center.

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